General Terms for Distribution of Press Releases with O-STA

  1. Distribution
    1. STA distributes the press releases through its O-STA special service using established channels at home and abroad.
    2. Along with text, the client can request to distribute images, tables, graphs and/or logos with an active link to its website.
    3. STA distributes the press releases in their original form – it does not edit them or abridge them in any way.
    4. STA assumes no responsibility for the content of the distributed messages. The client shall be wholly responsible for the content.
    5. The client should deliver the press release to STA by e-mail. It may also deliver the press releases by fax or regular mail, but processing charges will apply in this case.
    6. STA includes contact data received from the client at the end of the distributed press releases.
    7. All distributed press released are stored in a database on the website that is accessible to the public.
  2. Publication
    1. STA distributes press releases within minutes of receiving them. At the same time it also publishes the press release on the site.
    2. The O-STA desk's office hours are from 8 AM to 4 PM Monday through Friday. Press releases received outside office hours will be distributed in the morning on the first business day.
    3. STA reserves the right to refuse publication for the following press releases:
      • if the content violates Slovenian laws,
      • if the content contains slanderous or libellous claims,
      • if the content constitutes advertising for a product whose promotion is banned under Slovenian law
      • if the content contains advertising that may cause offence
      • if the content incites hatred on the grounds of race, sex, ethnicity, religion or political conviction
      • if the content promotes acts that are harmful to human health and safety or with which the environment or cultural heritage may be damaged
      • if the content causes offence on the basis of religious or political conviction
      • if the content runs contrary to the business and editorial policy of STA, Slovenian legislation, the advertising code or language and technical requirements.
    4. STA shall respect the provisions of the political campaigning act in publishing press releases from political parties during campaigning.
  3. Price and Payment
    1. For domestic distribution the prices and conditions set down in the O-STA Rates shall apply for ordering and billing.
    2. For foreign distribution the prices and conditions set down in contracts with foreign partners in the OTS network shall apply for ordering and billing.
    3. Payment for O-STA services should be made on the basis of the invoice sent to the e-mail of client after receipt of a press release for distribution.
    4. The O-STA Rates is a part of these conditions and is valid through December 31, 2011.
    5. STA does not charge recipients of the distributed material.
  4. Resolving Disputes
    1. Should a dispute arise from the use of O-STA services, the parties shall attempt to resolve it amicably. If this is not possible, the case should be referred to a competent court in Ljubljana.

STA reserves the right to change these terms.