What is O-STA?

The O-STA is STA's original press release distribution service. Companies and institutions wanting to get their message across can use O-STA to distribute their original press releases to users on the O-STA mailing list and on the O-STA website (www.o-sta.com), where they can be accessed by STA subscribers as well as other visitors.

Press releases published over O-STA are accessible to thousands of visitors passing through STA's website every day, including:

  • leading Slovenian media outlets
  • state institutions
  • Slovenian diplomatic missions
  • embassies and large international press organisations
  • companies
  • non-governmental organisations.

The STA recently redesigned its website in line with the latest trends in website design and international press agency standards. The new-look site is more user-friendly and provides more non-subscriber content to visitors. This has helped raise the number of visitors to the site.

When to Opt for O-STA?

Distribution of press releases through O-STA should be used by those wanting to inform the public of:

  • specific activities, achievements, changes and other developments at your company/organisation
  • new products or services
  • a group of products or a brand name
  • special offers and other announcements
  • events and reports from events (press conferences, AGMs, conferences, presentations, exhibitions, concerts and social events, etc.)
  • publication of operating results
  • information on new company branches or offices
  • recalls or other notices to users of products
  • other developments and information.

Advantages of O-STA


Press releases are published on the O-STA website and distributed to registered recipients of original press releases only minutes after being received by STA.

Original Form

Press releases are published and distributed as is – no editing or abridging.

Direct Contact

Contact details are included at the end of the press release. Visitors to the O-STA website and recipients of the press releases have the right address to turn to.

Instant Access

All press releases are retained in the O-STA database and accessible around the clock. Access is free of charge to all visitors of the O-STA website.


It is quicker and easier to reach the general public with a press release. Such methods of communications have also been proven to be much more effective than advertising.

Images, Graphs and Logos

The O-STA enables clients to include up to five images, tables or graphs as well as a logotype with a link to their company's website along with the press release, whereby the first picture is already in the price.

Distribution to Foreign Markets

STA is the only provider in Slovenia to offer distribution of press releases abroad to targeted markets through partner agencies. STA is part of the international OTS network, which includes press agencies from Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Monte Negro, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Ukraine and Slovenia.


The O-STA provides a translation service for users who want to have their text distributed in another language.

Foreign Companies and Organisations

O-STA also publishes and distributes press releases from foreign companies and organisations.

Office Hours

Users can request to have their texts distributed during office hours between 8 AM and 4 PM. Orders received outside of office hours will be distributed on the first business day after receipt. Publication outside of office hours is possible at special request.

You can send your press releases by e-mail to o-sta (at) sta (dot) si.

Additional Information

Marketing Department: marketing (at) sta (dot) si
Telephone: +386 1 24 10 127 (Katarina Vidič), +386 1 24 10 128 (Edvard Huth)