About the Slovenian Press Agency

The Slovenian Press Agency (STA) is a leading source of news from Slovenia and the world.

Its newsfeeds in Slovenian and English as well as other services (Image Service and specialised services) are received by the majority of the Slovenian media outlets (print and electronic), ministries and the public administration, Slovenian embassies and other diplomatic missions abroad, foreign embassies in Slovenia and major Slovenian corporations.

Produced by more than one hundred journalists, stringers, photographers and other staff, its General News Service in Slovenian is a key source of information for all major Slovenian media outlets.

Its English News Service is relied upon by foreign readers in Slovenia and abroad looking for up-to-date information about developments and opinions in Slovenia.

By increasing the amount of non-subscriber content, STA has increased interest in its services among the general public and raised the number of visitors to its website.